Monday, August 25, 2014

"Minimalism is a Matter of Perspective"

Perfect lighting mixed with the perfect yin and yang of black and white.

Harlon+Holden's sophisticated pieces portray a modern day update to the miminalistic "not trying so hard" approach to fashion.

Sometimes you don't have to dress up such a beautiful view. 

Queen Shoes by Guilherme Torres in Brazil creates such a modern yet inviting, simple yet complete way of retail space.

It is all a matter of perspective :-) 

A simple approach to the modern day fire place. 
I guess the bigger the chimney isn't always the better chimney … 

In MY perspective, sometimes just the two of us is just enough… no matter how much space we have around us to fill it with….

Calvin Klein rose to the top by always keeping it simple with elegant and class.

Helmut Lang updating the classic looks of Spring.

Minimal enough?
 But still so fresh and so clean, clean… 

XOXO, Ania

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