Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Bohemian chic style are rich in patterned fabrics, colorful walls and have been a decorating style going back to Gypsy culture of the late 19th century and the Bloomsbury Group in the early 20th century in England. 

Adding exotic flair to a room, vibrant fabrics are favorite among interior designers and here are some of our favorites

 Boho chic

 Patterned quilts

 Yellow ethnic room

 Vintage charm

Mystic collection by Kobe 

 Damask foot stool

 Blue fabric with gold embroidery

 Gypsy style

 Cool dining room

 Master bedroom

 Festival of quilts UK 2013

Thursday, March 20, 2014


How stripes can flatter all shapes and size from fashion world to interiors and exteriors

 Diagonal black and white stripes? YES please (photo credit: ca Home and Design)

 All we see are STRIPES
 Whether in a commercial hallway carpet or in a home office carpet we adore black and white stripes
Stripe wallpaper and fabric can add drama to any room
 Jean Paul Gaultier in a white and navy blue stripe shirt sitting on a stripe shirt in a stripe room
Black and white stripes
Adding some color to this playful staircase and adding some fun to the sun in these coach sunglasses
  Stripes flatter all shapes and sizes
Nautical in and out of the sun
 From the runway to the living room
 Stripes, polka dots and checkered equals fashion magic
Purposely placed windows to brighten up a room, and angles in all right sitting place 
Blue and black stripes
I see zebra stripes 
Gucci's famous stripe on to their white high top sneaker, or adding a stripe ribbon on to your white bouquet
Colorful stripes on Kate Spade ads and on these vintage patio chairs 
Stripes on top and bottom set and stripes on a tea set 
Both models and walls make a BOLD stripe statement