Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Simplicity, the Ultimate Sophistication"

White cuddles..

These hanging light fixtures..  A simple statement….

Symmetrical and Simplistic.

This is an absolute favorite!
Loving the #PositiveQuote above the bed.

Wooden bed, wood burning, wooden lamp...So SIMPLE!

It doesn't matter what color you choose, the only thing that really matters is SIMPLE.

WOODn't you like to get bare-naked and take a nap :-)

"Mr. Dreamcatcher…I am counting on you… ;-)

 No more doggie step-ladders!
Low-to-the-floor with a touch of
simple art… simple books….and of course the simple bed… 

Focus on the light……. fixture.

A fantastic metal art-piece and that is all you might ever need...

Such a magnificent floating bed!
The pops of black color add enough contrast to keep this room simplistically modern.

Here is the key… to my heart…. Now try to find the door handle ;-)

A fresh flower  next to the bed and goodnight! See you in my dreams everyone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Living in a big city sometimes means you have to sacrifice space, but you should never have to sacrifice functionality.
More and more designers are creating pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose…

Multi-purpose furniture allows you to have everything you want in your home without wasting space storing an item you are not using. Not only is furniture that changes shape functional, it is a great conversation starter.

Madame est Servie by Aissa Logerot

Pick Chair by Dror Benshetrit

Rising by Robert Vab Embricqs

Maisonette by Simone Simonelli 

Picture Table by Ivy Design

Ping Pong Door by Tobias Fräenzel

Seesaw Seat by Dirk Ploos Van Amstel

Ulisse Dining by Resource Furniture

Ziris Chair by Redbit

Sosia by Campeggi 


Sunday, May 24, 2015


This chair piece has it all!
A Marilyn Monroe portrait, a metallic finish, and some horse-hair cushion!

3-D printing is coming our way so get ready for it!

Pastel roses printed on these crispy tank dresses

 Blake Lively wearing a Palm Beach Print jumpsuit by SAM&LAVI.

Another 'Sam & Lavi' Palm Tree Printed cropped top! Love!

Printed logos and logos and logos .. . by Louis Vuitton.

Print on your tiles to really liven up your kitchen space.

Printed Palm Tree Pants by SAM&LAVI.

 Two-piece set with a paint stroke print?  Genius!

Printed hanging light piece gives the room a whole new perspective!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Dare to go yellow?

 From yellow ruffles to golden arches.

GO GO  Lakers !

It is very pretty and feminine when matching mustard yellows together with crispy whites.

Yellow looks good on everyone and everything. :-)

Black and cherry tomato yellow.

This beautiful plant is named ' The Gold Tree', sometimes called the 
'Golden Trumpet Tree'.

A golden-yellow chaise lounge works great in charcoal/ black spaces.

Another great way to brighten up your interiors with the use of yellows and charcoals.

Macaroons anyone?  

I miss these old home telephones!

Duii Table Lamp By Diesel Living with Foscarini

Such a  fun and playful interior design and architecture. It would make smile just to walk down this hallway. :-)

 Markus Oliver Salon and Spa did yellow just right!

Accenting any room in your home  with hidden yellows creates an ultra- chic and modern interior design.

Malgosia Migdal wearing a beautiful yellow beaded necklace with charcoal top.
With the yellow accent lighting in the background, it makes for a wonderful photo!

Have a great day everyone and smile!