Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Living in a big city sometimes means you have to sacrifice space, but you should never have to sacrifice functionality.
More and more designers are creating pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose…

Multi-purpose furniture allows you to have everything you want in your home without wasting space storing an item you are not using. Not only is furniture that changes shape functional, it is a great conversation starter.

Madame est Servie by Aissa Logerot

Pick Chair by Dror Benshetrit

Rising by Robert Vab Embricqs

Maisonette by Simone Simonelli 

Picture Table by Ivy Design

Ping Pong Door by Tobias Fräenzel

Seesaw Seat by Dirk Ploos Van Amstel

Ulisse Dining by Resource Furniture

Ziris Chair by Redbit

Sosia by Campeggi 

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