Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stuck between a rock and hard place?
Lets get unstuck in…...

Bold prints with the inspiration of nature.

Bamboo, wood, and greenery!  Mix in some bright elements and we are living in Bali!

 Sticking to the hues of browns and taupes create a natural Balinese flair.

Straw is the inspiration here, from the totes to the place-mats.

These two dresses bring Bali to Neiman Marcus,  with nature acting as this designers inspiration ranging from the tree branches to tree bushes.

The Fancy Lotus Bali Black Bathroom.. A choice of flooring in my bathroom any day!

 Just go.Travel ! Get inspired! Be free!  Let go of anything and everything! Come join our adventure!

At least book a Bali- inspired staycation :-)

 Printed bright reds, greens and blues also provide you with a fashion forward Bali vibe!

Time to take out those vibrant blues which remind you of the islands beautiful water.
Basket- weave silver rings.

 Hats which bring out the tiki in all of us.

 Light features and roof tops.

 and more straw light features and roof tops…

Straw hats in all shapes and sizes.

From printed cover-ups to printed bathing suits ..These all mesh well within the Bali vibe.

See you soon Indonesia!!!!

Truly Yours,
#Fashion Meets Interiors

Friday, June 6, 2014

"When Mercury is in RETROgrade, we become RETRO-crazed"

"Retro style is style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past."

Summer has officially kicked off and we are diving right in.
 Esther Williams, shown above, was an American competitive swimmer and movie star, and she definitely set the trend for our present.

Known today as "the MONO-KINI", the update is apparently (barely) there.

70'S inspired tiles and hued wooden planks is a great way to retro-modernize any interior.

The 'Saved By the Bell' bright, neon, graffitied prints have officially become the inspiration for our 2014 street artists. 
Fashion will naturally follow and use these economically efficient + artistic backdrops as a muse for lifestyle campaigns.

Retro-inspired lime green walls will ward off all the evil eyes.

Chalk board bricks with retro-tricks.

Strategically placed floor art will bring the all the boys to the yard.

Look on the bright side and update your bedroom and/or bed-board with retro prints.

Heidi Klum 

Denzel Washington

Will Smith

Lindsay Lohan

Taylor Swift

Now for RETRO Architecture:

Images above:

"Cloud House project represents the idea that any old fashioned house can be updated and modified, and meanwhile, it can preserve its awesome retro atmosphere. Take a good look at this building that could be a pattern to your own home architecture plan and will see the beautiful collaboration between the traditional and the innovative."

Peace and Love,
Ania @ MalgosiaMigdalDesign

Monday, June 2, 2014

Freestanding Bathtubs


All hail the freestanding tub!  Although this statement fixture has been around since 3300 BC, its presence is far from ancient. While once only reserved for the likes of royalty, the accessibility of the tub ranges far and wide from ultra-luxe modern to industrial chic options. This ultimate luxury can suit and elevate any bathroom. So whether you are taking in a seaside view or crammed in an old apartment bathroom, who can deny an indulgent soak?

Here are some of our favorites:

Enchanted greenhouse vibe

Shabby-chic meets antique

Beachy paradise

Industrial vintage touches

A more masculine feel with wood fixings

Loving the monochromatic palette

Sleek and natural feel for an outdoor setting

Antique finishes bring this look together

 Exposed plumbing for another vintage industrial look with a modern twist

The stone finish gives this tub a serene natural look

Another chandelier fixture for a decadent bathing experience

Moroccan meets modern