Wednesday, July 30, 2014


George Clooney ("most UN-eligible bachelor"), shows off his ashy GREY hair and matching blazer. Although the bedroom to the right is not Mr. Clooney's, I'd say it does him just GREY'.

Viktor & Rolf recently opened its nouveau flagship store in Paris with the inspiration "Ghost Architecture". 
Every fixture, wall, and furnishing is covered in a GREY 100% Wool Felt fabric. 

Perhaps a GREY sky sets you in a gloomy grandma-sweater kinda mood. Well sunny-side-up your day by pairing your 'granny-wear' with a pair of fun-in-the-sun cut-off shorts.

Hence the name  "GREYstone Manor", LA's withstanding nightclub has the design essence meant to evoke that of Doheny's notorious and scandelous private estate 'The GREYstone Manor'. 

 #IanSomerhalder   #enoughsaid 

Loving this vibe but please ,PLEASE, choose the faux alternative. :-) 

Architect Gregory Katz constructed this high-tech galley-style kitchen.
GREY= the staircase, the chalkboard, the floors, the ceiling, the kitchen counters, the appliances, and even the light switches…..


Monday, July 28, 2014


It is the year 2014 and we are armed with more knowledge and availability of design trends from all around the world, and are definitely ready to take bigger risk. So we think it’s time to be bold enough to say goodbye to matchy matchy interiors create unique works of art in each room. Harmonious colors do not have to match, and same goes for patterns and finishes; instead we should try to bring in different colors, textures and finishes in to a space to make it stand out and give your space a fuller look with more dimensions

Here are some examples of what not to do!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"He loves me… He loves me PiNOT…"

Pull off this ultra sexy look by mixing it up with different textures and tones.

Do you have a kitchen which lacks a little personality?
Add some spice with grey slate floors + stainless steel appliances.

Zac's girls radiated elegance in MAC's Vino inspired lip-pencils & lipsticks.

French skincare brand CAUDALÍE uses organic grapes as its main ingredient.
It is not surprising that an amazing deep grape color was the main source of inspiration for its UK's flagship store in London.

"The Must Have" @ Sushi Roku
This Pinot's extremely passionate hue can also be found in the sexiest of foods .

Rihanna, every fashion girls source of inspiration, has been spotted in various sorts of Pinot Noir.

Drinking wine is meant to share and meant to create memories.
Playful decanters can be the first memory you share.

"If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On" 
2008 MIM Strat guitar in Wine Red (left), ACNE leather vest (right)

HEHEHE..funny :-)

"Hopeful Romantic"

Sex & the City

Most importantly make sure you spend each and every day drinking in the beauty of life.

xoxo, ANIA

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who is Going to Win the GOLD !!?!!

Draped in Gold and Screaming FASHION.
This ad features a gold hand-piece by Chanel Paris-London collection with 
Sand Castle nail color by L'Oreal. 
(Not to mention this golden-blonde hair color)

This Golden/Mustard Suede chair makes the perfect statement.
Not to mention it works perfectly with the artists vintage inspired backdrop.  

In order to score some points, you must take some risks.  
This jacket wins my gold medal !
Be daring and be adventurous in fashion. 
Speak your mind and your mood :-)

Think outside of the box.
By adding a few metallic gold shades (and shadows), it adds a very chic and modern element to the office space.

Nike Dunk Sky High LIQUID GOLD
Its ultra metallic golden color covers the entire leather upper, the swoosh sign, the seams and thread, the heel tag,tongue and everything else.
(It's just too bad Brazil was not wearing these during their most embarrassing game in history today in the World Cup. :-/ )

Let out some steam in this metallic- gold finished bathtub.
Adding some artwork on the wall to break up the look is a great touch.

" Real Gold Fears No Fire " 
Randy Alcorn
"Having someones heart of gold is MORE important than having someone's pot of gold"
Ania Migdal :-)

Ofcourse, thy very own jewelry collection is a very simple, easy, and neutral way to win this years gold medal.