Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"He loves me… He loves me PiNOT…"

Pull off this ultra sexy look by mixing it up with different textures and tones.

Do you have a kitchen which lacks a little personality?
Add some spice with grey slate floors + stainless steel appliances.

Zac's girls radiated elegance in MAC's Vino inspired lip-pencils & lipsticks.

French skincare brand CAUDALÍE uses organic grapes as its main ingredient.
It is not surprising that an amazing deep grape color was the main source of inspiration for its UK's flagship store in London.

"The Must Have" @ Sushi Roku
This Pinot's extremely passionate hue can also be found in the sexiest of foods .

Rihanna, every fashion girls source of inspiration, has been spotted in various sorts of Pinot Noir.

Drinking wine is meant to share and meant to create memories.
Playful decanters can be the first memory you share.

"If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On" 
2008 MIM Strat guitar in Wine Red (left), ACNE leather vest (right)

HEHEHE..funny :-)

"Hopeful Romantic"

Sex & the City

Most importantly make sure you spend each and every day drinking in the beauty of life.

xoxo, ANIA

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