Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Let's FALL into Cozy Together"

Printed Tribal Knits scream FALL COZY fashion.

It is time to bring out the FALL bins and bust out the plush blankets.

Both Men and Women should indulge in the COZY Scarf.
Pair it with a knit sweater or cardigan, and  you have the coziest look of all.

Enjoy COZY pillow-talks by investing in various shades of neutral pillows.

A knitted beanie is the NEW MUST HAVE accessory for this fall.  
Keep your hair down to flatter your face and to maintain the feminine-sexy-cute look.

Men should really takes notes from Mr. David Beckham because I will COZY up with him each and every day! 
He really knows how to rock that beanie. YUM!

Do not forget about the exterior of your home!
Revamp your outdoor patio by updating your chairs with FAUX fur and adding in tons of FAUX fur blankets.

Do not forget the hot chocolate and COZY slippers!

Don't let the beach intimidate you  just because of weather change.
Instead make it a intimate-date and invest in a floor-length Knit Sweater Wrap which can wrap you both up in a little cocoon.

Ania Migdal


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Any wine connoisseur would love a private wine cellar, preferable a tasting area….

To have a wine room built-in in your house is to indulge in the fantasy of building a unique wine paradise with rows and rows of heavenly juice

Here are some of our favorite wine rooms 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


A house only can become a home when it is filled with meaningful accessories. These accessories are supposed to tell a story of where the owners have been and where they are destined to go…

Homes with meaningful accessories are supposed to encourage us to create, to use our imagination. They are supposed to bring out the story teller in us…

Furnishing and accessories are like souvenirs for life and here are some of our favorite meaningful home accessories