Wednesday, July 30, 2014


George Clooney ("most UN-eligible bachelor"), shows off his ashy GREY hair and matching blazer. Although the bedroom to the right is not Mr. Clooney's, I'd say it does him just GREY'.

Viktor & Rolf recently opened its nouveau flagship store in Paris with the inspiration "Ghost Architecture". 
Every fixture, wall, and furnishing is covered in a GREY 100% Wool Felt fabric. 

Perhaps a GREY sky sets you in a gloomy grandma-sweater kinda mood. Well sunny-side-up your day by pairing your 'granny-wear' with a pair of fun-in-the-sun cut-off shorts.

Hence the name  "GREYstone Manor", LA's withstanding nightclub has the design essence meant to evoke that of Doheny's notorious and scandelous private estate 'The GREYstone Manor'. 

 #IanSomerhalder   #enoughsaid 

Loving this vibe but please ,PLEASE, choose the faux alternative. :-) 

Architect Gregory Katz constructed this high-tech galley-style kitchen.
GREY= the staircase, the chalkboard, the floors, the ceiling, the kitchen counters, the appliances, and even the light switches…..


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