Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stuck between a rock and hard place?
Lets get unstuck in…...

Bold prints with the inspiration of nature.

Bamboo, wood, and greenery!  Mix in some bright elements and we are living in Bali!

 Sticking to the hues of browns and taupes create a natural Balinese flair.

Straw is the inspiration here, from the totes to the place-mats.

These two dresses bring Bali to Neiman Marcus,  with nature acting as this designers inspiration ranging from the tree branches to tree bushes.

The Fancy Lotus Bali Black Bathroom.. A choice of flooring in my bathroom any day!

 Just go.Travel ! Get inspired! Be free!  Let go of anything and everything! Come join our adventure!

At least book a Bali- inspired staycation :-)

 Printed bright reds, greens and blues also provide you with a fashion forward Bali vibe!

Time to take out those vibrant blues which remind you of the islands beautiful water.
Basket- weave silver rings.

 Hats which bring out the tiki in all of us.

 Light features and roof tops.

 and more straw light features and roof tops…

Straw hats in all shapes and sizes.

From printed cover-ups to printed bathing suits ..These all mesh well within the Bali vibe.

See you soon Indonesia!!!!

Truly Yours,
#Fashion Meets Interiors

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