Friday, August 15, 2014


Legendary Denim
(photos above : Elvis Presley )

 -Revamp pillow cases
-Paint walls in denim 
-Rework carpets 

Create a loft-like interior by taking advantage of the various shades and worn-out personalities of denim.

Just as in fashion, denim is extremely versatile when it comes to interior design. 
By adding a fluffy white rug, this room has achieved the shabby-chic look .

David Beckham wears the Canadian Tuxedo so wonderfully.

Marvin Gaye aka "the trendsetter"

Kanye West and  Amber Rose working it.

Such a creative way of making this lil guys and gals playroom feel so young and refreshing.
Creates such an artistic vibe that I want to draw and paint just by looking at this space.

Popular girls of the classic movie  'Dazed and Confused' .

Theme above is "Denim & Confused"
Left: A denim rug created by an indecisive artist.
Middle: No comment
Right: A girl (in good jeans) laying in bed most likely thinking about a boy.
Pretty analytical, right! (Wow I just got deep with this post)

Accessorize your home in denim.

UK artist Denimu hand-crafted these original Indigo-infused art pieces portraying legendary icons James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Amazing!

SMEG offers a 50's Retro style fridge covered entirely in Denim.

Ralph Lauren sells a really hip (no pun intended) Cold Spring Indigo Denim Specialty Finish Interior Paint. 
This choice blends right in with the denim-on-denim models of the runway.

Rihanna AND this living room DENIM'D OUT!

Control the levels of noise in your environment but using recycled Denim.

Time to make like a baby and head out …in denim ofcourse!
  Have a great weekend everyone!

Xoxo, Ania Migdal

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