Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#MalgosiaDesign Team has been extremely  inspired by the trends seen this year @Milan Design Week of 2014
"How a Melting Pot of Interior and Exterior Design can set the tone for major sales!"

As we walked through Milan Design week 2014, we fell in love with Charlotte Perriand's designs for Luis Vuitton Îcones Collection. See his inspiration below :

Charlotte Perriand displays the perfect link between combining the design of a store front, with the intention to sell both this chase-longue and the clothing. We love it!!!  The specific placement of the metal beams spotlight your eyes directly to all that is for sale.

Here is another spectacular example of a Charlotte Perriand display we have seen in Milan @ Design week 2014.
We do not know where to look first: The eskimo inspired coat, the leather handbag, or magnificent modern chair...

De Beers has always had a niche for creating the perfect retail environment by combining the  experience and aesthetic of what it sells: DIAMONDS of course!
 Inspired by the sparkle of the beautiful De Beer diamond, the concept of this store in Tokyo, Japan is to create a sparkling effect throughout finished off with a starry diamond ceiling.

Look a the interior design of this Omonia Bakery in New York by Bluarch architecture.
It is impossible to miss the purpose of this brick and mortars. What Omonia Bakery is known for is its delicious Greek pastries, but now we just might remember them more for this amazing ceiling of pastries!

Loop Creative pop- up studio in Sydney, Australia by Brand X created this fun and play-ground like energy by salvaging shipping palettes.

This fun store below, with its design inspired by its store name Back Street located  in Pakistan, relives the fun and momentum of the streets.
Wheels hanging from the ceiling highlight the stores new arrivals, PVC pipes are shaped into trees, and floors inspired as pavers used on all outdoor products really reflect the fun and energy of the clothing it carries. 
Stay tuned for so much more entries inspired by our daily experience at Milan Design Week 2014!!

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