Monday, May 17, 2010


A Trompe-l'œil of light: 
Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken's project Daylight Entrance replicates daylight on the dark staircase walls in an office building in central Stockholm, Sweden. The walls of the staircase are lined with solid surface material; recesses were milled out from behind the material to accommodate panels of LED lights. Lighting the walls from behind, these panels create patches of light on the walls as if cast through windows.
Not only is this a beautiful art installation, but it also creates a positive sensation of sunlight which can be very refreshing - especially for people in dark winter climates.

Hong Kong studio Davidclovers and Los Angeles artist C.E.B. Reas have created a shop front in Hong Kong where LED lighting pulses through patterns cut in the surface of two large Corian doors. The project is called Yud Yud and consists of doors that are puckered in the middle by a diamond-shaped relief and squiggles that are milled out of the surface, illuminated from behind by pulsing LEDs.  An interesting visual play, two and three dimensions are blurred by etching an otherwise matte Corian facade. A material that appears dense at times is transformed into a translucent, pulsing surface where etched lines glow and then fade away.

Another fascinating combination of Corian and light is Missoni's collaboration with Dupont Corian. The Corian Loves Missoni collection includes these glowing cube-shaped stools made from transluscent Corian and carved with a wave pattern.

Bright Woods’ collection of illuminated chairs and coffee tables are a combination of wood and natural resin strips. The glowing resin layers flash a number of different colors including pink, orange, purple and white. A beautiful and interesting fusion of organic curves and natural materials with futuristic style! Designed by Giancarlo Zema for the Avanzini Group.

Swedish designer Torbjorn Lundell's light-emitting textile GloFab uses light directed through fiber optic cables which are woven together to create a range of effects. 

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  1. I enjoyed this post. The two projects with Corian(r) really show off the potential of the material when paired with light. I love the pulsating light and etchings in Yud Yud and the celebration of color and pattern in the Missoni collaboration. Thanks for sharing! Christine from DuPont