Monday, May 17, 2010


These days there are many design companies that aim to be environmentally-conscious. Many of them design and manufacture furniture with respect to the organic forms of trees, showcasing the inherent grain of wood using traditional joinery techniques. Here is a collection of contemporary pieces that incorporate glass, plexiglass or metal with natural wood: a beautiful union of opposites!
3/4" starfire open glass box low-table with black walnut slabs. John Houshmand.
Solid slab wood dining table with plexi base. Hudson Furniture Inc. (Hudson Furniture Inc. is a NYC based company specializing in furniture made from salvaged & wind/storm damaged trees (none of the trees are harvested from old growth forests).

Rose Dining table: solid claro walnut top with solid silicon bronze base. Hudson Furniture Inc.

Knight dining table: claro walnut top with handmade cast bronze base. Hudson Furniture Inc.

17ft solid claro walnut slab top with tapered metal legs. Hudson Furniture Inc.

Teak Root end table: organic teak root with 3" plexi top. Hudson Furniture Inc.

 Maple side table with glass legs. John Houshmand.

Petrified wood stools. Hudson Furniture Inc.

Hudson Furniture Inc.

Hudson Furniture Inc.

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