Thursday, April 29, 2010


Trends come and go but it's always fun to incorporate some new ideas into home decor each year!
The Sherwin-Williams 2010 design trends forecast revealed several unique themes for this year, including color palettes reminiscent of Aboriginal and Native American cultures, Bauhaus inspired lines, European Old World distressed leather and bright 1960's style floral tones. We have also seen a trend toward earth tones; colors derived from minerals, rocks and plants. 
Look for unexpected colors created from historical natural dye developments such as “baby indigo” and “madder red”. We also love high shine lacquers and patents for pale and earth tones and metals with high shine - fantastic for an accent wall!

Here are a few great design elements that are in vogue this season:

- Curved sofas
- Tribal prints
- Distressed leather ottomans
- African inspired textiles 
- Earthy color tones for rugs
- Simple, understated sofas and chairs with clean lines and minimal detailing
- Modular furniture for limited spaces
- Oversized floor pillows in bright colors in bohemian designs
- Bright colored sofas (red, green or yellow) complemented by neutral-colored pillows
  Source: Associated Content


Curved modular sofa (Opulent Items)

Constantini Design


African-inspired home decor - incorporate elements made from stone, clay, woods and other natural materials. Muted, earthy colors add an organic feel.

"Tribal" color palette inspired by earth's elements.

Image: Pippa Jameson Interiors

Galia Gluckman is an artist who makes large-scale collages out of coloured paper. Made from small pieces of paper from old magazines and wrapping paper, she creates wonderful landscapes in color.

The Pupunya rug is inspired by the Indigenous Australian Aboriginal "Dot" Art". Created in a dimensional cut and loop pile in wool, this colorful rug tells mythic stories of tribal rituals (Malene B. Custom Handmade Carpets).

Market Women rug (Malene B. Custom Handmade Carpets).

A beautiful dining table with a natural feel:  The Y Base Slab Cocktail Table above in Bastogne walnut with a bronze base (Newell Design).

Genuine zebra hide and distressed leather (Keleen Leathers).

Studded leather screen (Jasper by Michael S. Smith).

Esedra leather pouffe (Poltrona Frau)


Trend: Bold colored sofas (red, green, yellow) and 60's patterns.

MM Design Associates

Eastern and African influences combined with European chic. Trend: oversized floor pillows. Interior designer Windsor Smith's backyard retreat in Los Angeles.

We incorporated glass vases in beautiful, bold hues and patterns to a neutral space to add interest and color.  MM Design Associates.

Image: Pippa Jameson Interiors

Mix metallics with colorful prints for a playful yet stylish look.

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