Thursday, April 29, 2010


Truly astonishing: we are amazed by this wallpaper designed by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla (Milan based "Carnovsky"). The two designers created this unique line of wall covering named RGB for Jannelli & Volpi, the famous Italian wallpaper brand. 

"Carnovsky say that they wanted to represent the antique theme of the metamorphosis intended as an unceasing transformation of shapes from a “primigenial chaos”. For this purpose they created a sort of catalogue of natural motifs starting with the engravings from natural history’s great European texts... This collection of motifs doesn’t have a taxonomic or scientific aim in the modern sense, but it aims to explore the real and the fantastic, the true and the verisimilar in the way medieval bestiaries did." (source: Yatzer)

Shown during Milan Design Week at the Jannelli & Volpi store, RGB is a collection of wallpapers that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus.
The overlapping of three different patterns results in surprising, disorienting images. The colors blend with each other and the lines and shapes are merged, creating somewhat of a symphony of color and form.  Each layer responds to a different wavelength of colored light.
The images on the wallpaper are created by layering three patterns (red, green, blue) - it is only possible to see each layer clearly if viewing through a filter.

Would you like this in your house?

All images: Luca Volpe (source: Yatzer)

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