Monday, May 15, 2017

8 Fun and Innovative Ways to Make Your Pet Feel at Home!

1. Rocking Chair for pet and owner.  (DESIGNED BY Paul Ketwon) 

2. Indoor Planters doubling as pet areas. (DESIGNED BY Jardin Chic)

3. Kitchen island carved out to make a hidden pet-bowl nook.
4. Cat hammock and Coffee Table in one. (DESIGNED BY Koichi Futatsumata)

5. Cat Tunnel Sofa. (DESIGNED BY Seungji Munei)  

6. Sofa bed for Pet and Pet Owner.  (DESIGNED BY Seungji Munei)  

7. Brazilian Mattress Company Colchao Inteligente Postural created the only mattress of its kind with a built-in dog bed with curtains for your pets privacy and all!  We see this saving many future marriages!

8. Nightstand which is Hollow so your bed can climb right on in!


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