Monday, June 8, 2015


Contemporary French artist Gravleur is one of out favorites at MMID, so much so that Malgosia has one of his paintings in her pied-a-terre. Trigg Ison Fine Art's exhibit featured a collaboration between fine art dealer Trigg Ison, French artist Gravleur, and actor Johnny Depp showcasing "mixed media works on paper...within these drawings is thematic; blending an essence of the human condition in caricature, with intellectual and emotional elements of satire, whimsy and the absurd." (http;//

Malgosia's pied-a-terre

Johnny Depp and Gravleur

Trigg Ison, Gravleur, and Johnny Depp


Take a look at Gravleur's work in his book "Never Trust a Loving God" with Nick Tosches

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