Thursday, May 7, 2015


Thierry Alonso Gravleur, born in Paris in 1966, focused his art in painting faces. 
The undeniable mystery of the human condition portrayed below by Mr. Gravleur has left his audience with a purpose:
To ignite, provoke, and ofcourse to enjoy…...

Inside of Malgosia Migdal's private estate you will find a very controversial piece, one of  Johnny Depp's most favored, by the one and only Thierry Alonso Gravleur.

“Am I good looking?” _Mixed media on paper 

“Curious people” _Mixed media on paper

“Father and Son” _Mixed media on paper

 “Modesty” _Mixed media on paper

“Smile” _Mixed media on paper

 “Training day” _Mixed media on paper

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