Friday, April 24, 2015

"EmBARKing our Inner and Outer RUSTIC"

A modern approach to rustic.

A cut-off flannel in rusty brown with some rugged boots.
Fashion meets Rustic!

These rustic bar stools add fusion of modern to this kitchen.

Such a wonderful bag.

Shabby chic meets rustic.

Winter 2015 London Fashion delivered a sense of  rustic femininity. 

San Miguel D'Allende is known for its artistic and rustic architecture, especially when  noticing the beauty of its exterior doors. 
What a magnificent city !

Rustic pillow design.

The new Gary's store at Fashion Island.

Rustic watch design by Nixon

Anthropologie in Washington D.C.

WOODn't you want to soak in this tub?!

Rustic phone case designs

Malgosia Migdal Interior Design Firm is constantly finding ways to fuse modern with rustic design.
See below for more designs by Malgosia Migdal Interior Design:
 Malgosia Migdal Interior Design combines modern and rustic elements for this residence in Westwood.

 Malgosia Migdal Interior Design

 Malgosia Migdal Interior Design

 Malgosia Migdal Interior Design:  Wine Tasting room at the Four Seasons in Westlake.


Ania Migdal

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