Sunday, March 29, 2015


Architecture in its modern form allows for great usage of blank space.

Imagine being able to change the pattern designs of your shoe.
Read more about the E-ink shoe here:

Imagine a world of water weaving faucets!
Simin Qui set very tiny output holes around the circular faucet creating a beautiful helix which does not only save water but feels like velvet when hitting the skin.

This modern architectural pair of shades will really make you stand out in the sun.

Noriyuki Otsuka created the perfect division of space by choosing subtle color temperatures and textures inside of this Japanese retailer.

These cuff bracelets are the perfect way to go modern with your jewelry. 
Geom by Danielle Vroeman

This modern kitchen design incorporates the use of pull-down shutters which provides you with the open-air modern design.

Modern Fashion designed by the creative director of fashion house Loewe,  J.W. Anderson.

 Mixing modern with rustic.

Cool interior staircase. Gives the room a very lofty airy feel.

Interior of store with this modern display.

Ania Migdal

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