Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Orange You Glad You Can Cross My Path"

Black Cats who?

This Fall season brings all the OranGina's to the yard

Orange you glad bike rides are not seasonal 

Keep a neutral stand by mixing Orange and Black with a few neutrals 

A whole lot of orange in this vintage Vogue spread

Orange after Labor Day

Invest in those pumpkin vases

Never compete against a staple.
Orange and Black become best friends during Fall :-)

An example of a modern rack which provides that candy-corn pop

Monika Chiang's presentation 

Orange accents invite that modern element into your home

The Beatles Rubber  - Orange Label USA Vinyl LP album 

AND act on it ;-)  

Life n Soul B106-O  Bluetooth Sport Earphones

See your life through Karen Walker's frame of view

Just remember the three rules of H:
Hair Hue experiments are only for Halloween 

Spice up your life and indulge

With LOVE Always,

Ania Migdal

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