Friday, May 30, 2014

"Anatomy 101"

 Kimono meets Anatomy

Sit back and relax as we watch our bodies unfold.

Using the less obvious (printed) approach, Christopher Kane chose bold stripes to highlight the wearers frame.

You can also use the less obvious approach in Interior Design.  Do you see what we see?

The specific placement of original one-of-a-kind pieces can be another fun & playful take on this undeniable trend.  (This bedroom takes 'Where's Waldo' to another level. :-)

Vilsbol de Arce fashion is art revolving around the human form with anatomy as its main focus in their past A/W 2010 collection.

Interior space usage of posts and beams can also be a spine resemblance.

An empty place to sit for more than one spine.

No way we can forget the Givenchy Fall 2010 collection which made numerous headlines.

I wonder if this duvet comes in silk satin?

While in design, this is your chance to speak, so let it all out and do not fear the judgement of others.

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