Monday, December 9, 2013

Brick walls 

Exposed brick walls look so fascinating and modern and they have become famous in late 1990’s and since then designers have used them to their advantage in designing interiors. 

Brick walls add character to any space, giving it an old rustic charm. Any room in the house with the brick wall ends up with a marvelous atmosphere.

Exposed brick wall and wood beams in a bathroom

 Washed out brick wall in a bedroom

White brick wall and dark wood floors in a bedroom
Brick wall in a modern bathroom
Brick fireplace
 Exposed brick wall in a hallway

Exposed brick wall in a kitchen
 Cool brick wall design in a restaurant

 Exposed brick behind a work desk

Exposed brick vanity wall
Exposed original brick wall
Exposed brick in middle of white plaster

 Gray brick wall in a contemporary dining area

 Industrial gray brick wall behind bookcase

Brick wall in a loft space
Exposed brick wall showcasing antique mirrors 


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