Monday, November 4, 2013

Console table

A table is a form of furniture with a flat horizontal upper surface used to support objects of interest, for storage, show, and/or manipulation. 

A console table is a table that sits up against a wall or, in some cases, may even be attached the wall. These tables can come in many different shapes and styles.
Console tables come to us from French furniture designs of the 18th century. Originally, they were small, half-moon shaped tables fastened to the wall at counter height with a "console", which is a little curved bracket. Sometimes these special little tables had front legs to make it look like it was free standing. Eventually, they did become free standing, still with the half-moon shape, or sometimes a small rectangular shape. Over time, these little tables evolved to become as useful as they were decorative.

Bird cage console 

27 designs Dubai 

Art Deco console table 

Black and white Polk dot console 

Bobby Berk home wood square boxes console 

 Coast range bar console

Lumina console table 

Newton console 

Oggetti waffle console table 

Phillip Euell console 

Slice console table 
Stellar console table 

Wood console table 

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