Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Using vintage weathered items in home décor has become popular in the last few years. Using industrial items as unique décor mixed with modern items gives any space a sense of authenticity and individuality. 

We love reusing vintage and unusual industrial pieces in new ways to make a space more exciting. We believe that Mixing industrial and vintage gives any space a sense of unique glamour filled with contrast and beauty and lets each piece to be celebrated for its individuality.  

Crisp vintage detailing with industrial inspirations give any space a sense of authenticity, while evoking a sense of minimalism. Here are some of our favorite inspiration images where vintage meets industrial design and makes magic...

Industrial pipes used as door handle 

Industrial pipes used to make shelving for book display 

Industrial pipes used as railing

Mix of modern and industrial design in a reception area

Industrial pivot door

Vintage mobile home is painted in modern colors and is being reused as a guest house in the backyard 

Mix of modern furniture and industrial looking glass panels to make a perfect patio 

Vintage wood mixed with industrial stools gives this kitchen a very cool homey vibe 

Perfect meeting lunch in an old industrial warehouse with vintage lighting

A take on an old design in new material gives this light fixture a modern vibe yet keeps the mood industrial 

Vintage lights with tables made out of water pipes give this restaurant a very cool vibe 

Mix of vintage and industrial pieces has made this lamp very unique 

Vintage wood and wheels have been used to make these coffee tables 

An industrial looking patio in a middle of a living room

Use of industrial pipes to design a bath area

Exposed water pipes instead of faucets 

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