Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Metal Iron Workshop

We believe that in spite of changing times and evolving opinions and styles, vintage looking pieces are never going out of style. We are going to take a stand and say that they are even making a comeback and iron furniture and home accessories are the continued popular choice giving any space a depth of character complementing Old world European designs….  

Glass bending Ovens

Rows and rows of wrought iron furniture and home accessories 

Dramatic wrought iron door 

Hard at work

Hidden gems inside an old cabinet 

High heels did not stop us from riding our bike around

Goofing around the factory

Custom design lighting and furniture crafted out of iron by talented blacksmiths right in front of our eyes was an extraordinary experience.  Their work here is intended to inspire the consumers with their unique ideas and a full confidence that each piece is created with their unwavering commitment to quality, value, and beauty
Being able to visit this workshop first hand inspired us to start designing our own line of lighting and furniture, getting our ideas out of our heads on to the paper and finally making it real by collaborating with these talented artists. 

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  1. We agree that there is nothing quite like a hand-wrought piece of furniture, hardware or artwork to truly customize a space