Thursday, March 3, 2011


Shagreen is the skin of a stingray and can add beautiful texture to accessories and furniture. 
The skin of the stingray is covered in tiny enamel "beads". Towards the center of the back, the beads get larger and form a sort of "eye". It is this extraordinary part of the hide that is used for decorative purposes.

Shagreen is very durable which makes it great for furniture. In the 17th and 18th centuries the skins were mainly dyed green, polished with black lacquer and used as a veneer. This is when it came to be known as "shagreen". First popularised in Europe by Jean-Claude Galluchat, a master leatherworker in the court of Louis XV of France, it quickly became a fashion amongst the French aristocracy, and migrated throughout Europe by the mid-18th century. 

Whether you incorporate genuine or faux shagreen into your decor, it will add a sense of luxury and exoticism and is both striking in look and touch.
Shagreen Console, 1st Dibs

 Shagreen side table
Biomorphic shagreen side tables, 1st Dibs

 Shagreen cuff, Karen Bizer
Shagreen bag, Celestina

Shagreen clutch, Celestina

Shagreen dresser, 1st Dibs


Gray shagreen desk with bronze base, Galart

Detail: Gray shagreen desk with bronze base, Galart

Detail: Gray shagreen desk with bronze base, Galart

Harlow nesting table, Clayton Gray

Detail: Harlow nesting table, Clayton Gray

Shagreen chair, Jean Michel Frank

Shagreen Regency chair, Karl Springer

Shagreen accent wall

Decorative shagreen boxes

Occasional table, Lyle and Umbach

Shagreen side table, Galart

Faux shagreen table, Om Home

Pair of French Art Deco shagreen torch sconces

Natural white shagreen chair, Aisthesis

Chair and ottoman covered in Creations Metaphores faux shagreen

Detail: Chair and ottoman covered in Creations Metaphores faux shagreen

Shagreen clutch, Oly Studio

Shagreen table lamp,Clayton Gray

Faux shagreen tissue box, Oka

Shagreen chest, Stanley 


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