Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We are currently in the process of redesigning our Interior Design office and are thinking about how to most effectively use the space as well as create a pleasant work environment that promotes creativity.  

The home office is a room where most of spend many hours sitting at a desk and working by our computers. Creating a blissful and comfortable home office is important and should reflect your taste and personality as well as the design of the rest of your home. 
Incorporating personal touches, comfortable seating and soothing colors can transform a technology-driven space into a stylish room. A beautiful bouquet of seasonal fresh flowers along with carefully chosen light fixtures adds glamour and elegance. Creating one accent wall with wallpaper or painting the walls in a unique color is a great way to personalize the room. Another important element is storage - why not display your books and objects in an unusual way? A unique book shelf, mirrored-back shelving or beautifully lit bookcases will draw attention to a collection or one-of-a-kind objects. Comfort is key - an upholstered armchair could act as a desk chair, and a few stylish occasional chairs for guests will make your office a relaxing place you will never want to leave!

Display your books and treasures in an unexpected way. 

Add glamour to your work space with a sparkling crystal chandelier or dramatic 'pops' of color and metallics. Mirrored surfaces reflect light to enhance the space.

The display of unique sculpture or art pieces will define the space and reflect your individuality.

Above: Khloe Kardashian's home office designed by Jeff Andrews. Mirrored surfaces, smooth leather and deep eggplant tones make this an intriguing and sensual space.

Above: Mydna bookcases designed by Joel Escalona.

Above: Book case by Harris Rubin.

Above: Wallpapering an accent wall creates added interest (Madeline Stuart design).

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