Saturday, April 17, 2010


We are seeing stripes in Interior Design more than ever before as there is a big nautical influence this Spring. Inspired by the French seaside look, St. Tropez and the French Riviera, deep navy blues or black paired with clean and crisp white is the new fun and flirty pattern in design. Think Coco Chanel in the 1930's or Audrey Hepburn in the 1960's with a modern twist.
Incorporating this stylish look in your home is simple: painted stripes can give character and unique style to your walls, add a striped rug or drapery in your living room for drama, or why not accent your sofas with elegantly striped pillows? Wallpapering horizontal stripes on the ceiling or wall of a long, narrow room can make it look dramatically wider. Fool the eye: vertical stripes on a wall make a room appear taller and horizontal makes a room appear wider. 
Here are a few of our favorite striped looks:

Above: Create a headboard effect with wide stripes painted on the wall. Continue the stripes across the ceiling for a highly unusual effect!
Left: Designer Joseph Abbati created a stripe that continues from the wall onto the floor. A highly glamorous and graphic look.

Wide horizontal stripes can modernize a traditional decor as well visually expand the room.
Above: Stripe Table. Designer: M. Marconato & T. Zappa (Atelier)
Below left: Kyle Bunting rug: A fantastic choice for a more discreet use of stripes. Below right: House Beautiful.


An optical illusion effect for the more daring: cover an entire room, from floor to ceiling, in stripes.

Stripes can be understated and elegant as an upholstered headboard (above left), or dramatic paired with black in a foyer (right).

 Living room by Nick Olsen for Domino Magazine. Roller shades painted with glossy black stripes become a dramatic window treatment.

Left: Domino Magazine                                          Right: Miles Redd

Homes and Gardens
The black and white striped floor covering above is paired with similar textiles and accessories. A stripe laid horizontally makes the room look wider. The turquoise-green wall color calms the bold look.

Pair stripes with other patterns to create extra visual interest in a room. (Domino Magazine)

Left: Striped shower designed by Eric Cohler.

Striped furniture: Winner of the Grand Prix Award at the International Design-Debute 2008 competition designer Jan Schreiner created a unique furniture design. ‘Chair STRIPE,’ is a modular, functional piece of furniture that responds to the ever-changing needs of modern users: a chair that can be converted into a tea or side table.

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