Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Converting an Outdated Computer Room to a Chic Workspace/Lounge

We were thrilled when our client asked us to revamp their "computer room" in their contemporary Los Angeles house to a chic lounge where the family can spend relaxing evenings reading, watching television and working on the computer. After years of using the space as a library/reading room/entertainment area the family felt ready to update the space and harmonize it with the modern feel of the rest of their home.

In order to create a stylish and elegant room that is in line with the architecture and design of the house, we have proposed to replace the outdated blonde wood wall-to-wall cabinetry and patterned terracotta-colored carpeting with contemporary built-ins, furnishings and textures.
Beanbags acting as seating for the client's three children will be removed and built-in seating will be installed, upholstered in soft pumice stone-colored fabric and accented with chocolate brown velveteen and silver/charcoal jacquard pillows in various sizes. The wall behind the built-in seating will be upholstered in large tiles covered with leather woven laces with a luminescent, pearly effect, creating a stylish and interesting feature wall that is not only tactile but reflects light to enhance the space.

Ample drawer and cabinet space and a laundry shoot will enable the family to easily store and organize their belongings. Custom walnut cabinetry throughout the room and charcoal-colored linen rib carpeting will create a warm, inviting feel. The backs of the bookcases will be painted in a rich moss green, a lovely contrast to the deep charcoals and shimmering surfaces in the room.
Chocolate/charcoal-colored marble surfaces and irridescent silver wallcovering will enhance the richness of the space and create additional visual interest.

Floor Plan
Elevation of Wall with Built-in Seating

Material/Fabric Proposal

Innovations Aegean wallcovering                          Opuzen Sonnett Charcoal Jacquard

Holly Hunt Valentin Sconce
SOLI Zanzibar Cross-Cut Wood Grain Marble                          

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